Most Frequently Asked Questions:


What do I do when my member name and password do not seem to work?

If your browser stays at the main welcoming screen after attempting to login, please ensure your system clock (date/time/year) is correct.

If you’re redirected to a login error page, make sure your caps lock is off as your password and member name are case sensitive. Also, check your cookie settings to ensure they’re on a medium privacy level and clear all cookies and cache in your browser.

If you’re still redirected, please try resetting your password.

If this doesn’t resolve the issue contact IceStockPhotos.com.


Where do I find my receipt?

Purchase receipts will be emailed to you.


How do I purchase images from your site?

We use PayPal


How do I change my password?

To change your password, log into your account and click on the ‘My Profile’ tab at the top of the site. Then click on the ‘About’ tab.  There you can change your password.


How can I use your images? Are they Royalty Free?

Pls. read the Terms and Conditions


What can and can’t be uploaded?

IceStockPhotos.com welcomes all experience levels of photographers and non-photographers, but reserves the right to decline files in its discretion, including reasons based on the following criteria:

  Poor Focus
· Poor Lighting
· Excessive Noise, Grain & Color Distortion
· Compression Artifacts
· Over Filtering
· Poor Isolation & Cropping
· Dust & Debris in Scans
· Upsampling or Rezzing up Images
· Poor Composition
· Inappropriate Title or Description
· Copyright / Trademark Infringement or Risk
· Adult/Pornographic Content is unsuitable for IceStockPhotos.com
· Profane or Violent Images


How do I become a contributing photographer for IceStockPhotos.com?

Anyone over 18 can apply to become a photographer on IceStockPhotos.com.
In order for you to become a member and use all of the available features on IceStockPhotos.com you must complete the registration form

IceStockPhotos.com guarantees that it will neither rent nor sell your personal information to anyone!

How do I upload vector illustrations or Flash files? Vector Illustrations:

  1. Save your vector illustration as an Adobe Illustrator 8 .EPS (Encapsulated Postscript) file. Your EPS file should be saved as an AI8 compatible EPS.
  2. Open the file in Adobe Photoshop and create a 1920 x 2800 pixel RGB JPEG preview of your file.
  3. If you would like to include other file formats (AI, PDF, etc) you can place them in a separate ZIP folder

Flash Files:

  1. Generate an .SWF version of your file.
  2. Create a 380 pixel (wide or tall, depending on the orientation of your animation.) RGB JPEG preview of your file.
  3. Place your .FLA files into a folder and ZIP the folder.
  4. Proceed to the form, you’re ready to upload your ZIP, SWF and JPEG preview.


When do I need a model release?

If the images that you are submitting have an identifiable human face, then you will need a model release.


How long will it take for my application or images to be reviewed?

Each image is checked individually by Approved Administrator for various requirements such as size, file type, quality and copyright. This means that every image in the library has been downloaded, viewed at full size, checked exhaustively and qualitatively evaluated

If you are a new photographer and you have recently uploaded files, please be patient. Your image is in the queue, and will be processed in turn. There’s no need to upload again, or send us an email.


Where do I find the Model Release form?

Go to Site Info


How much does a photographer make / what is the structure?

The structure on IceStockPhotos.com is 60%. We pay higher than most other stock sites because we are a photographer driven community.


What are the specs required for images to be uploaded or rules for uploading?

  1. Images must be RGB JPG format only
  2. You must own the full copyright to any image you upload. This means you must be the photographer or artist that created the image.
  3. All trademarks must be removed. This includes logos, brands and entities with copyright or trademarked elements. This many also extend to trademarked products such as cast sculptures, toys, architecture and other elements of design. Copyright is checked with each file.
  4. File sizes: the bigger, the better. 300 dpi. All files should be 1200 x 1600 pixels minimum (anything smaller will be automatically rejected).
  5. Entering keywords and descriptions: be descriptive. Include at least 10 keywords and use a title other than ‘dog’ or ‘man’. Supplying more keywords means your image will match more searches. Images with more keywords get downloaded more often.
  6. Model releases: images with clearly visible people require a model release form  for legal reasons. Children in images can’t sign a model release. A legal guardian or parent must sign for all children under the age of 18 years. You are responsible for holding the Model relese.
  7. Legal notice: uploading images/artwork that belongs to somebody else (copyright or otherwise) will result in a suspended membership and in some cases may have legal ramifications.
  8. Your account profile must have your full, real first and last names, PayPal mailing address and photo of you entered before completing an application. Anyone uploading with a fake name will be banned immediately.


I had a file rejected because of "noise" or "compression artifacting". What does this mean?

A little bit about compression: The JPEG file format uses a "lossy" compression method. In order to make the file smaller, information is thrown away, or lost. The "quality" setting that most image editing programs and digital cameras have when saving JPEGs determines how much information is lost. At a certain point with lower quality settings the removal of information during the compression process can become visible in the form of compression artifacts (places in the image where too much detail has been lost). Too much JPEG compression can become visible either in the form of a general loss of detail, or grainy/patterned areas (especially in flat spaces, such as skies).

"Compression artifacting" can be introduced by the camera and/or by your image editing software at lower quality settings. Also, re-sizing, re-sampling, and re-saving can all degrade the quality of a JPEG image, so one should be careful about re-saving JPEGs. If for example, a photo was re-saved 4 times (even at a quality of "12" or "Best") the image quality will become worse and worse. With this in mind, it is obviously best to start with the cleanest image possible. You may want to double-check your camera settings to make sure it is saving at the highest quality.

"Noise" (pixels of varying colour where there shouldn’t be) is most commonly created by digital cameras, especially in darker shadows or under low-light conditions and exacerbates the compression issues mentioned above. You might want to double-check to make sure that your camera’s ISO/ASA setting is at the lowest number (usually 100). In digital cameras, higher numbers (200 or 400) will always result in more noise.

I am having trouble uploading the preview image to go with my vector illustration.
Please try uploading the preview image file at 72pt at a resolution of 1024 x 768.