Old fishing cabin with the mountain Barði behind- #Iceland.

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Old fishing cabin with the mountain Barði behind- #Iceland.

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Ingjaldssandur is located between Dýrafjörður and Önundarfjörður fjords. To reach this secluded valley one has to drive high up between the mountains Skagafjall and Þverfell and down the small winding gravel road at Háls.
Ingjaldssandur was once home to more than 100 people and at that time all Icelanders used to live in a turf house, rich and poor, and it wasn't until the mid-20th century that the last inhabitants moved out of the turf houses.
Ingjaldssandur... this remote place was only accessible in winter time by boat and later by plane. The valley has mountains on 3 sides and the open sea - it was very secluded back then - and still is in the winter time.
Now only one farmer is left in Ingjaldssandur, Elísabet Pétursdóttir or Bettý, is her name. She knits and sells woolen goods, like sweaters and socks, which she knits during the long, dark winters - so if you want to buy an authentic piece of Icelandic woolen goods then they don't get any more authentic than at Ingjaldssandur.
At Sæból in Ingjaldssandur, almost right by the sea, you will notice a lovely white church, Sæbólskirkja church, consecrated in 1929. In 1924 or 1925, which swept the older church away and broke it to pieces. That big storm was called Halaveðrið. The noted architect Guðjón Samúelsson designed the new concrete church and the noted sculptor Guðmundur Einarsson from Miðdalur created the font. An old copper chandelier from 1649 can be found in the church - which is very old for Iceland. Many foreign names are engraved in the chandelier - it is believed to have been a donation from a ship-crew, which got saved from danger at sea by Ingjaldssandur. There are many such stories in Iceland, of foreign ships being saved - or lost at sea - by Iceland. Jón Sveinn Jónsson, the farmer at Sæból, carved the pews and altar rails. The cross of light is dedicated to Rev. Sigtryggur Guðlaugsson (1862-1959) from Núpur, who is believed to have made 900 trips over Sandsheiði he