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Snorrastaðatjarnir, or the Snorrastaða Ponds, is a spectacular place to observe bird migration during spring and autumn. This fertile and beautiful spot is shaped like a bowl. It lies just off the main road on your way to the Blue Lagoon, is a resting place for the thousands of birds moving between countries and continents. Part of the Nature Conservation Register, it has always been a popular picnic and outdoors area for people living in the towns around the Reykjanes Peninsula like Vogar.
Snorrastaðatjarnir has three major ponds that were all formed by rift valleys. Their biosphere is quite rich, and it is a rare child who doesn't love catching sand lances and water beetles in the pond.
The flora in this unique bowl in the middle of a lava field is quite diverse. It is heathery and sports a variety of moss species. You might even find candlesnuffer moss. Here you are also likely to spot endangered wildflower species, like blue moor grass and herb paris. This area is practically the only place on the Reykjanes Peninsula where you will find woods. The most prominent tree is birch, growing tall and straight as the area is sheltered beneath tall fault walls.